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Martin Nilsson - Går med i teamet Helsinglight som projektledare

Martin Nilsson - Joins team Helsinglight as project manager

This week we will present another new employee at Helsinglight, namely Martin Nilsson! Many of our Swedish readers will surely recognize “Spökpodden” (ghost podcast). It is one of Sweden's biggest podcasts within the supernatural and occult genre that was named one of the best new podcasts of the year in Sweden 2019. It is Martin together with his colleague Oscar Panizza who runs the podcast.

Martin grew up in Örnsköldsvik and got to know Fredrik Fernlund there during high school. Although Martin has moved around a lot in Sweden after high school, they have kept in touch. This summer the contact became more intense when they realized they had a lot in common and wanted to create something together. This resulted in five episodes of Spökpodden - Helsinglight!

Even though there were five very good episodes of Spökpodden - Helsinglight, that is not why he is with us today. With five years of background in e-commerce and working as company buyer of male fashion at Stayhard, he started studying business development this fall. Now Martin will join team Helsinglight as our project manager. One of the reasons he has chosen Helsinglight is that he sees great potential in developing Helsinglight as a destination together with us and he has always had an interest in the occult and alternatives, an intelligent expression that challenges norms and society.

I like the technology development that is happening, but I am also fully aware that if we are going to be able to live with the technology that exists and will exist in the future, we need to be even better at going back to basics for certain hours. Shutting down technology and reading a book is among the best there is.
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