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GSW Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Starter Kit

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  • Description

    Create dazzling art with our high-quality epoxy resin! Perfect for model building, jewelry, water effects, and quick repairs. This synthetic material opens up a world of creativity. Its transparency and strength make it popular for miniatures, wargaming, and dioramas, creating stunning effects.

    To achieve the perfect epoxy resin blend, simply mix the two components gently. Let the chemical reaction take its time over 24 hours for amazing results. Precision is key to avoid failed mixtures and achieve professional outcomes.

    The processing time may vary depending on the amount of epoxy resin in the mix. Our resin provides a convenient working time of 20-60 minutes. You can also add colorants and various fillers, including pigments and glitter powder, for unique effects. Just ensure they withstand the high temperatures during curing and are compatible with our product.

    Elevate your creativity with our epoxy resin! Bring your ideas to life and craft impressive artworks that impress. Buy now and let your imagination flow freely!

    How do you make clear resin without bubbles?
    Although working with these types of epoxy resins is generally a fairly simple process, getting clear pieces without bubbles does require some preparation, attention to detail, and following the manufacturer's instructions in terms of times, mixing ratios, and quantities. Here are some general tips to help minimize bubbles:

    Work in a warm and dust-free environment: Choose a room with a warm temperature and low humidity to minimize air pockets in the application. Clean the work area to avoid dust particles from getting into the mixture.
    Mix both components slowly to avoid creating air bubbles. Mix thoroughly but avoid whipping the mixture to prevent introducing air into the mix.
    Use a heat gun or torch: Use a heat gun or torch whenever possible to carefully and briefly pass it over the surface of the mixed product to remove any surface bubbles. This process should be done with caution to avoid overheating or scorching whatever you are encapsulating.
    Allow the mixture to rest: After mixing, let the mixture rest for a few minutes before pouring it to allow air bubbles to rise to the surface.
    Pour the mixture slowly and steadily into the mold or surface, and avoid splashing it around. This can help minimize the introduction of new bubbles.
    Use a vibrating tool: If you have it because a vibrating tool or a sander with a vibration mode can help release any trapped air bubbles in the mixture.
    Cover and let it cure: After pouring the mixture, cover it with a lid or plastic wrap to avoid dust and other debris from settling on the surface. Allow curing for the recommended time in the instructions.
  • Features

    • Low-odor 2-component epoxy resin
    • Resin Viscosity: Medium
    • Maximum thickness application: 3-40mm
    • UV Resistance: Medium
    • Processing time: 20-60min
    • Curing time: 24h
    • Content:
      - 300ml (200 + 100ml)
      - 2 silicone mixing glasses
      - 2 wooden sticks for mixing
  • Usage


    1. Here's how to achieve a flawless bubble-free resin! Preparation and precision are crucial. Create a warm, dust-free workspace and clean the surface thoroughly.
    2. Slowly mix the components, avoiding whipping to prevent air bubbles. If needed, use a heat gun or flashlight to gently remove surface bubbles.
    3. Let the mixture rest for a few minutes before pouring to allow air bubbles to rise.
    4. Pour carefully, avoiding splashing to minimize the introduction of new bubbles. If possible, use a vibrating tool or a sander with a vibration mode to release any trapped air bubbles in the mixture.
    5. After pouring, cover the mixture with a lid or plastic wrap to prevent dust and debris from sticking to the surface.
    6. Let it cure according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Follow these tips to create a flawless, bubble-free resin for your art and craft projects!


      • Store in a dry and cool place