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Grimas Derma Wax Spatula

by Grimas
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Original price 49 kr
49 kr
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Colour: White
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  • Description

    The Derma Wax spatula from Grimas is a very good tool for many things. You can use this spatula to apply and shape Derma Wax and Eyebrow Plastic . It is also fantastic to sculpt with if you use Chavant NSP clay when creating imaginative characters or sculptures. A favorite tool with us and many of our students who attend our courses and trainings in FX Makeup and sculpting.

  • Features

  • Usage

    1. Always work with a clean spatula.
    2. Clean the spatula by first wiping it dry, then applying Multi Remover and finishing by rinsing with soap and water.
    3. Take care of your tools and they will last a long time.