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Grimas Latex Devil Chin 501

by Grimas
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    This latex chin prosthetic can be used to create a creepy look for Halloween, or as a prop for a character in theater, carnivals, film, TV, LARP, and cosplay. Create a spooky, dramatic, and imaginative makeup look and transform yourself or someone else into a devil with this prosthetic chin. With proper use, this piece can be reused several times

  • Features

    • Prosthetic chin for creating a devil-like character
    • Made of latex
    • Reusable if well cared for
  • Usage


    1. Remove the latex prosthetic from its container and position it where you want it to be to ensure the edges (which will soon be glued) fit well.
    2. Anything to be colored in a skin tone (except the edges) should be given a light reddish base color to convey a sense of living skin. For this, you might use Grimas Special Effects Powder 504 or Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge 540, applying with a sponge or brush.
    3. Apply a layer of Grimas Camouflage Make-up Pure in a suitable skin tone with a sponge. Add padding to maintain shape and to absorb sweat.
    4. Apply a bit of Grimas Mastix Extra on the inside of the latex piece just outside the edge and let it dry for 15 seconds.
    5. Position the latex piece back onto your skin. Use a fine-toothed comb to keep the edges in place and to glue them straight. Press the edges carefully with a tissue.
    6. To smooth the transition between the latex and your skin, you can even out the edges by dabbing eyelash glue on the edge with a makeup sponge and dab it on the transition between the latex and your skin.
    7. Let it dry with a hairdryer until the result is transparent. Repeat this step until the result is satisfactory.
    8. Color the edges with the same color you used in step 3.
    9. Add powder, for example, Grimas Transparent Powder, and then remove the excess powder


    1. Remove adhesive and makeup residues with a cotton swab soaked in Grimas Mastix Remover.
    2. Massage the skin with Grimas Multi Remover or Cleansing Cream, then wipe with a tissue.
    3. Cleanse the skin with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Clean the latex afterward with water and unperfumed soap.
    4. Powder the latex with Grimas Transparent Powder after it has dried.


    Dry and cool and without adding any pressure to the product