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Kryolan Pros-Aide The Original

by Kryolan
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Pros-Aide is a special effects adhesive for makeup artists. This skin adhesive has exceptionally strong adhesion and is used to attach foam prosthetics and other three-dimensional parts, as well as to blend transitions between prosthetics and skin. Use this skin adhesive to ensure that the components of your FX Makeup stay in place, allowing you to achieve a complete and long-lasting look!

  • Features

    • 15ml
    • Skin adhesive for attaching prosthetics, primarily in foam latex.
    • Also used to blend transitions between prosthetics.
  • Usage


    1. Always perform a small skin patch test first to check for allergic reactions on a small area of the skin.
    2. Use cotton swabs to apply Pros-Aide to the skin and the parts to be attached.
    3. Allow it to dry slightly, then press the objects onto the skin.
    4. If necessary, gently lift the edges, apply more adhesive, and press them in place.
    5. To blend the edges, use a small latex sponge to dab Pros-Aide over the edge of the prosthetic, then powder.
    6. To thicken Pros-Aide, use Kryosil.


    1. To remove Pros-Aide, use Special Adhesive B Remover and Thinner or remove it with Pro-Clean. Remove any residues with makeup remover and clean with soap and water.


    •   Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding cold temperatures.