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Kryolan Showgirl Eyelashes SG2

by Kryolan
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  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Transform your appearance with the ultimate false lashes, perfect for drag queens, the theater stage, and fantasy makeup enthusiasts. These handmade eyelashes, inspired by birds of paradise, combine deep black at the tips with a light pink base. With three extra-long feathers, they become the obvious choice for anyone desiring an irresistible look. Showcase your inner showgirl, let your eyes speak for themselves, and become the center of attention.

  • Features

    • Length: Up to approx 40 mm
    • Type: Full lashes
    • Material: Synthetic
    • hair Shape: Cat-eye
    • Packaging contains: 1 pair = 2 eyelashes.
  • Usage


    1. Gently remove the lashes from the packaging by pulling downwards with your thumb from the lash band and working your way from one end to the other of each lash.
    2. Wrap the lashes around your finger and press on the lash band to increase the band's flexibility.
    3. Apply Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro along the band and let it dry for about 30 seconds.
    4. If you find it difficult to apply lashes, try placing a mirror flat on a surface and looking down into the mirror. This way, you can keep your eye open and still see your lash root. Hold the lash in the center and place the band as close to the natural lash root as possible.
    5. Hold in place for a moment and let the adhesive attach, then gradually work along pressing the band into place along the lash line. Once in place, gently push the lashes up from underneath to help create a lift.


    1. Gently remove the lashes by slowly peeling them off from one side to another. Clean them of adhesive and they will last and can be used on multiple occasions.


    • It's best to store them in the original box after each use to maintain their shape and function optimally.