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The Monster Makers - Monster Clay Brown (Sulfur-Free Oil-Based Elastic Clay)

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  • Description
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  • Description

    Monster Clay® Premium Grade Modeling Clay is an artist's best friend and a favorite of FX Makeup artists worldwide. This sulfur-free, oil/wax-based clay is professional and reusable. Made from food-grade, non-toxic materials, Monster Clay® is both smooth and has a low melting temperature. It's not sticky and doesn't adhere to tools or fingers.

    Monster Clay® is pliable and elastic when heated, similar to soft caramel. At room temperature, it captures the finest details and can be melted and reused, saving you time and money. Its low density gives you more clay per pound without extra cost. It comes in various hardness grades and is compatible with platinum silicone molding compounds. Buy it once and use it again and again. Each 4.5-pound quantity of Monster Clay® Premium is individually packaged in a convenient, reusable, oven-safe container. Monster Clay® brings your sculpture projects to life.

  • Features

    • 2.05kg
    • Sulfur-free
    • Made from food-grade, non-toxic materials
    • Captures intricate details at a high level
    • Can be melted and reused repeatedly
    • Packaged in a convenient, reusable, oven-safe container
  • Usage

    1. Heat the clay in an oven or using a water bath until it reaches the desired temperature and consistency for your sculpting needs.
    2. Begin sculpting your masterpiece.
    3. Continue sculpting or adding details at your leisure; the clay doesn't dry out since it's oil-based.
    4. If the clay feels too hard on your sculpture, gently warm specific areas with a heat gun, hairdryer, or similar tool to facilitate easier detailing.
    5. It can be melted to a liquid state for pouring into molds.


    • Store in the original packaging and reuse it as many times as needed.