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Creative Challenge - Slutresultat av Malin Zedigh, Tema: Uggla, grupp 4

Creative Challenge - Final result by Malin Zedigh, Theme: Owl, group 4

Group 4 has finished their creative challenge and we are excited to present to you their final photos of the character created. The theme for their challenge was to create an owl in clay, with magical abilities that lives in the deep dark forests of Helsinglight. When we have presented the final work by every creative challenger/contestant in group 4 we will announce the winner of the group that will advance and compete in the finals later on. This is the final result by Malin Zedigh, creative challenger, group 4.

The Owl “Miserei” by Malin Zedigh


Creative Challenge was a very good way for me to push myself to be creative in my free time again.Having a very creative and demanding job, my own projects outside of work often get forgotten. This was an opportunity to reign in the work-portion of life a little and actually spare time, energy and creativity for my own project.

It has been very progressive to prove to myself that I can finish a sculpture, but it was also super fun to come up with a concept/character and have that in mind while sculpting, weaving the two together.

I also feel that I work differently when I know that my project will be shown publicly compared to something that will just sit on a shelf in my apartment. I think it's very challenging in a good way to get used to having an audience see what you create, that way I am becoming less and less scared of showing my creations to others. Especially in such a supportive community!

Very fun initiative! Very interesting to see other artists tackle the themes in very different and individual ways. Thanks again!


”Oooh how pretty!” the young little owl-like creature thought excitedly to herself, diving down from the sky towards a lonely four-leaf clover. She had been feeling a compelling urge to fly in this direction for a while and seemed to have found the purpose of today’s journey in this small treasure. The clover was sitting on the branch of the tree in the Helsinglight Forest, and in the distance one could distinguish the silhouette of a peaceful and prospering town. The town was big and boasting, with lively streets, busy markets and beautiful architecture. In this part of the country the town had had the luck of remaining rather unfazed by war, conflict and misfortune for many decades… until now.

 Little did the citizens know of the impending havoc and desolation that was about to fester the now blossoming town for many years to come. 

Miserei, happily minding her own business, was only discovering the world for the first time. Being so young she did not know much about herself or the world, but she could somehow always sense where she was supposed to be headed like it was calling her, almost as if she could smell it across many miles of flight. She somehow always found herself nearby such beautiful places with happy, thriving communities of people. She loved seeing the smiling faces of children and their families, the colourful fields filled with livestock and crops, the weddings, birthdays, yearly festivals and celebrations that the humans partook in. 

This was how she spent her days, blissfully unaware that none of the places she visited were ever the same after she left. The days of the people who had the misfortune to cross roads with Miserei seemed greyer and darker afterwards, tainted with different kinds of misfortune. 

Unaware that the happiness she loved so much was being sucked away and consumed by every second she spent in the proximity, she was always drawn to the happiest places and people, like the few others of her kind. She had not met any others like her yet, let alone seen her own reflection, so she was not aware of the blood-red eyes that gave people little chills down the spine, let alone the quilled wings or long talons that protrude from her feet and wings.

She would one day grow up to be nearly all-knowing and realize that she is a rare kind of omen, which feeds upon happiness only to bring doom, woe and disaster upon the unknowing souls who supply her life force. When aware of her powers Miserei will bring gradually escalating amounts of bad luck and destruction, eventually enough so to birth hurricanes, floods, pestilence, acres of ruined crops - and in some cases, even war or mass-extinctions.

But for the moment she flies around just like any other bird (just especially drawn to good-luck charms) blissfully unaware that she is an utterly evil creature, designed to be the harbinger of misfortune.

- Malin Zedigh

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