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Workaway-möjlighet på Helsinglight

Workaway opportunity at Helsinglight

Have you heard about the "Workaway Program"? Workaway is a cultural exchange where you volunteer to work in exchange of food and accommodation and an opportunity to learn about local lifestyles. We're currently looking into this and exploring the options to register as a host on Workaway and offer an opportunity to come for a workaway experience at Helsinglight.

What is workaway?

Workaway is a cultural exchange where you work in exchange of food and accommodation. We're looking into the option of offering the opportunity for someone, or a couple/ friends to come for a visit and work with us in exchange for free accommodation, food, beautiful Swedish countryside, culture and great company! We love meeting new people and sharing our way of life, interests, experiences and culture. We think we would provide quite an interesting, very artistic and friendly environment to "workawayers".

Lot of work at Helsinglight

We've got a big project on our hands renovating and creating our "Helsinglight castle". We've come a long way but there is so much still to do and it would be awesome to be able to share this experience with someone as well as getting a hand with the workload.

We would be in need of help with all from restoring and renovating windows, painting walls, sand floors, to wallpaper, garden work, household chores, animal care (dogs, cats, horses) help out at events and art exhibitions, etc. the list is endless. All depends on what agreement we make with the "workawayer", what the season is, how long the workawayer stays for and what kind of exchange and agreement we will have.

At the moment this is just an idea we've had and nothing is decided nor set in stone yet. We need to dig a bit deeper into this and look into the option of registering as a host on WORKAWAY. BUT, if you felt this sounded interesting and something you would be interested in taking part of then send us an email with some information about yourself and why you would like to workaway at Helsinglight.

In the email it would be great if you would let us know the following:

- Tell us a bit about your self, where you live, age, what you do etc..
- When you would like to visit and for how long would you like to be on a workaway visit with us?
- What you would like to help out with (any particular skills you've got that would come in handy)
- Would you travel alone or with a friend/partner?
- What your expectations would be of us and your workaway visit at Helsinglight?
- Have you visited Sweden before?


Hmm.. can't think of anything else at the moment, but feel free to add some more information about yourself! Looking forward to hearing from you :D

Creative regards,
Petra & Fredrik,
Helsinglight, Sweden

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