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Grimas Blister Gel

by Grimas
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Original price 149 kr
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Size: 60 ml (apx. 2.1 fl oz)
Colour: Transparent
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Grimas Blister Gel, wound paste is a transparent, very thick paste that is used to simulate infected blisters, rashes, wound fluid, injuries, etc. You can use it to create a cool zombie makeup or other cool effects needed in various productions for film, television or theater. Grimas Blister Gel can also be colored by mixing it with Grimas special effect powder (pigment) or made up with Grimas water make -up. By coloring or applying make-up to the paste, you can achieve different effects with it so that it resembles snot, dirt, slime, rotten skin, blood paste, etc. This means that it is a very multifunctional product. A favorite product for many during Halloween!

  • Features

    • 60 ml
    • Used to simulate blisters, rashes and wound fluid
    • The structure can still be modeled for a limited time after application
    • Can be colored with Grima's special effect powder or made up with water make-up.
    • Can be used by children
    • Can be used near the eyes (if you get the product in your eyes, rinse with water)
  • Usage


    1. Clean the skin first with Grimas Cleansing Lotion , this makes the paste adhere more easily to the skin
    2. Apply the paste to the skin with a Dermavax spatula
    3. Create powerful three-dimensional effects by modeling the paste the way you want it (for a limited time)
    4. Apply make-up to the paste with Grimas Vattensmink to the color you desire.
    5. Close the package properly after use.


    1. The easiest way to remove the paste from the skin is with a Derma Wax spatula .
    2. If you have residues of the paste on your skin, you can first rinse with cold water and then use soap and water.
    3. You can also use Grimas Multi Pure remover to remove residues.
    4. If you have got paste on your clothes, rinse them under running water. Then let the garment lie in water with some kind of pre-washing agent. Then wash the clothes by hand or in the washing machine.


    • Store Blister Gel dry, dark and cool.